Part 2


Paper, layers and material

paper can be used for every thing that could be wore on the body such as jewellery, clothes, bags, shoes, etc. And as a starting point, i have found some designers and artists which doing relavent works. Also i did some research on the different types of paper as well as other materials that i could use for this project.

Interspace and paper folding

Jule Waibel has used the element of Japnese Origami in her works. By putting those folded paper altogether to form the whole piece. And also the creases created the texture of the works and make them look even more smoother. 

Plants research

Clametis and dandelion can both be used in medicine especially in traditional Chinese medicine, and they are really good for remove poison, and can calm people's mind in a way. So I think these are protecting people from the bad illness and can protect their brain and mind.

Video of Asya Kozina making her pieces



for this project we are all paired up and make each other as the client. my client is JiKuang. and here is the information i've been given from him.

he is from Korea, and he feel home is the most comforting place.

he has influenced by cartoon and fantasy film. 

he loves jo malone, and he scared of ghosts and murder, for this one i think probably death would be a better word

he hates  smell of cheese

dream is to be a designer and a good father

favourite colour is black


As he told me that he is scared of ghost and murder, so i then went for the research of the artist and film which kind of cover the scary, horror feeling but at the same time added the element of calming to soften the scarieness.


In China, the dried vines can also be used in medicine, which to make the vines into powder or cut them into pieces, use hot water to make the herb tea, it will get rid off the damp inside the body. Which also protect us in a physical way, and Chinese people are all believe that tea and herb tea can help body get into a better situation. And we believe that this is ‘破而后立’, which means to die first and then live forward.



leaves (corresponding to hope)



BaiZe is a fantastic beast in Chinese traditional fairy tale, which it can speak any languages and can bring people luck and protection, take away all bad kicks and illnesses. In ancient China people always make a flag or a temple for it to make sure the beast will protecting people from bad things, also when the natural disaster happend people will pray for protection as well. 

The most well knowing of this beast is that it can catch all ghosts in the world, which makes people even crazier of praying on it. 

Chinese amulet

Traditional Chinese amulets are normally people go to temple and pray for the joss, and then the mock will give the amulet to the prayer. And we also need to pay for the amulet as well, but the price is totally decided on the value of amulet. If the amulet is baptised by the abbot in the temple, the amulet will be very expensive and usable. 

Also the amulet will folded and put into a small bag filled with herbs, which is to purify the amulet all the time and the amulet will be protect you better.