Part 2



this morning we have started the leather workshop with Tamzin. She taught us about the different types of leather and the way of working with them by using different methods and scale. As she was talking to us about the tools of using leather, i also found that some of the tools can also be used with paper (that time i decided to buy those tools and try out on my self.)

then she explained how to shape the leather on the ring and stitch them with the leather needle. Also she taught us how to do the correct stitch with 2 needles. personally i found this part is very interesting as the skills of stitching leather is a brand new area for me and i really enjoyed to try out. 

in the afternoon we had the paper workshop with Karla, which she showed us how to make the paper pulp and reform the pulp back into paper. we can also reform the paper in colours and shapes which totally depend on ourself.

for a overall thoughts: 

1. the leather workshop really interested me and i did think that if i can actually  use leather for my final. (part of it)

2. paper pulp is really difficult to control the thickness and the shape, but it's a good way of me making some of the designs, i'll do more experiments on it if i need paper pulp.


We have been splited into 4 groups and take turns doing different theme of making the paper model. for me i think this is really helpful to brain storm the ideas by making the model, which i think is a good chance of me make more development of getting the ideas stormed on my sketch book.

 i am in the group of weaving which use newspapers and magazines to fold the strips and then weave them into a net and then we can form the net into whatever shape and design we wanted it to be. this part is very much about patient, although there was some problems during the process such as the thickness of the strip is too wide, i can't attach the strips tightly, etc. but the outcome and the photos are getting very well.


we have started the new project Bespoke yesterday, but because i was ill so i didn't come. so today i was little busier than i used to be. we did a fashion illustration session or the day and also i had fill up the gap i missed yesterday.

so by starting with we drew out 3 different body parts from the partner we have been paired with, we did hands, shoulder and feet. then based on the drawings we need to choose one body part and do as many designs as we can do for that whole hour, then in the afternoon i went to my client (JiKwang) of this project and did a quick questionaaire with him. then i went back home did research of what he likes and the first impression which we need to draw on the sketch book. 


today we had a presentation of BA access and footwear by tutor from LCF. It was very interesting of hearing how are different courses work and what do the students normally do for their projects. and she showed us the final piece from one of the final year student, and i was really impressed about it. so as the accessories, the whole concept of the course is very attractive and the way they teach interested me a lot, and i was really thought about if i am changing course next year. especially for the bags and accessories course, i will definitely do more research on this course.

In the afternoon we were free to do our project. so i went online and did my secondary and primary research. then based on the research i did some designs combined with the whole concept of the research.


i only went for the afternoon class today due to my headache. 

we went to the stitch workshop of being introduced to different types of machine which we will use when we need to do sewing fabric or weaving. especially we have used the sewing machine and tried to sew the fabric by using the different buttons and stitch was really easy to set up the machine and also can be used with different materials as well.

after the workshop i have talked to tutor about my work, and she gave me a few artists for the research, but also gave me a few advice:

1. too less idea development

2. need to be more clear about the direction and concept

3. ask question to my client and need to know more about him, then it will be easier to get the idea of the final piece


i have started making my final piece model. 

i went to the workshop and made a frame of the final piece by folding the steel copper wire and then weld them together to form the shape of the spark. and then i went back to classroom and did some more sketches based on the model i did for the final. 

because i have talked to my client about what he love and what he fears the most, and the answer from him are:

jo malone as the most favourite smell (perfume), and he scared of ghost and murder scenes.

i decided to make the final piece with a horror feel but also make some positive feel into it. i hope this can make him forget about the scary things and always have the good side on him.


This is a new project started by visiting Chelsea physic garden. As tutor has told us about how the new project works. Hope and healing can be started on plants, especially we can start taking some photos and then research about the medicinal uses of those plants. So I had a rough idea of how am I going to do with this visit:

1. Photos of plants which I interested in. 

2. Do sketches based on these plants (quick brain storming)

3. Go back home and do more research and sketches.

So in the afternoon when we got into the garden, I saw a lot of plants and vines, especially I saw a lot of them had very interesting shapes (curly, withered, etc.) 

Because this project is very personal, and mostly about amulets/culture, so I then decide if I could link to some of the Chinese traditional inherit.



Tutor asked us to do ideas collecting by sketches. Because I already did some yesterday so I started doing some collages with drawings, just to give me a direction of how could I combine those elements together.

This project named Hope & healing, so I decided to make a amulet, something about my country and my culture. Then I looked on Chinese traditional medicine and those plants I saw in the garden which could be used into traditional Chinese medicine.

1. The medicinal uses of the dandelion, clematis, dried vine

2. The shape of them.

I then did more sketches from the research I’ve done, after that I suddenly remembered that in Chinese traditional fairy tales we have similar stories of luck and hoping. 

So I’ve looked up online for the stories, then I found there is a monster called BaiZe which will bring people luck and take away the illnesses. Because it can speak any languages and know how to get rid off the ghosts, so people called BaiZe the lucky fantastic beasts. 

As the research goes, I drew more sketches combined the elements of plants and the BaiZe (protecting). 

14/15 01.19

Today we have talked to tutor about the ideas and directions, also the final idea development.

1. Decide final piece 

2. More developments, make more models

3. Decide materials and do experiment in them. 

4. Concept

I then made the model with wire and tried different materials. Because I still not sure about which idea should I use for final piece, so I only tried the basic shape I decided. For the material experiment:

1. Because I need to bend and make it curly, so I need to use a thinner but can hold the shape for my actual piece.

2. Originally I thought I could use glass, but then I’ve tried that it might be too crispy for the piece, really easy to break.

3. The fix of the ring, I have finally tried the best position of it which use a central wire to connect them together under the finger, at the same time make it looks good. 


Today we’ve had the crit and presentation, but because I decided to use resin instead of using glass, and resin is not completely dried yet, so I can’t make the final piece, but I have got the frame and coloured it. Even though it’s not controllable, I will leave more time for my next final piece, just in case there will be extra things happen like this time. 

1. Time management for me is important. And I’ll try to make time better. 

Then we started the new project poetic truth.  Because it’s a very new and rare theme, I found it’s really difficult to get start with. Although tutor said that we can started with finding poem or lyrics, the resources are still hard to find. Especially I am a overseas student, and I’ve never learnt western poem before, this has became a really difficult problem for me. So I thought that if it will be better to ask my friends and I can go to library to borrow some books.